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Candle Bush is an ornamental plant which blooms lovely yellow flowers. It also known as Cassia Alata, Gelenggang (in Malay), Chunhet Thet (in Thai) and Akapulko (in Philippines). The main parts used as herbal medicine are the leaves, barks and the roots.

Candle Bush is very popular as a remedy to get rid of liver spots, ring worm and other skin disorders.  One of the reasons it is referred to as the ring worm bush is because it is an excellent choice for most fungal infection of the skin, especially ring worm. It is also used to treat burns.  To treat liver spots, ring worm and other fungal of the skin, crush the leaves so that the juice is extracted and rub it on the skin.  To treat burns put a crushed leaf of the area that is affected.

This forest medicinal herb can also be used to remedy colds, coughs, hypertension or high blood pressure, acne, impetigo and bites that are venomous. It is a very versatile medicinal plant with its many uses and that is the reason the elderly folks adore it so much.  It can also be used to treat inflammation, bronchitis, herpes, gonorrhea, stomach ache, scabies, syphilis, fever, liver conditions and constipation.



In the mild glycerin soap base with an addition of natural candle bush ingredients - has superior cleaning power and with its natural herb that helps reducing the accumulation of bacteria which causes the body odor problem, kill fungi, reduce inflammation, leaving the skin feeling fresh. This is recommended for people with itchy skin disorders, fungal infection such as ringworm, scabies, eczema, pityriasis versicolor (panau).


Skin Type :  Normal Skin | Combination Skin | Oily Skin


Weight :

80.0 gram +/-

Candle Bush Glycerin Handmade Soap

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